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Feb 11

New York City’s School District 14 fly’s STEMPilot edustation simulator

posted on February 11, 2016
District 14 teachers gathered for the Superintendents meeting in Brooklyn New York.  Elementary, Middle and high School teachers got to experience flying around New York City in a Cessna 172 and an F-18 fighter.  Teachers saw the opportunity to engage their students in a meaningful project based learning activity that they were excited to do.
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Feb 11

New York City’s District 11 Meets STEMPilot

posted on February 11, 2016
Elementary, Middle and High School Principals from District 11 in New York City got to fly the edustation flight simulator at the district meeting on 2-5-16. Teachers saw the relevance of using flight simulation and the STEMPilot curriculum to engage students to pursue math, science and engineering careers. We have had several schools schedule in […]
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Feb 10

STEMPilot at NYC Van Siclen Middle School Brooklyn

posted on February 10, 2016
Principal Adonna McFarland  takes delivery of the first edustation for her school.  We are all very excited to begin the STEMPilot curriculum and having our student experience flying around the world.
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Feb 01

STEMPilot Elementary School Accessory for edustation Flight Simulator

posted on February 1, 2016
Younger students want to fly airplanes but may have difficulty operating the traditional yoke flight control. Using a flight stick is easier so we built a mount that is lower for these younger students. The Elementary School  Mount can be added to any edustation flight simulator and it does not interfere with the yoke control. […]
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Jan 26

STEMPilot releases NGSS & CC alignemnt

posted on January 26, 2016
    STEMPilot curriculum fulfills many NGSS and CC requirements teaching students to solve complex problems using multiple math and science disciplines. The attached alignment matches the STEMPilot project based learning to these standards. NGSS CC EDUSTATION FLIGHT SIMULATORS (1)
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Jan 20

STEMPilot @ West Middle Community School, Hartford, CT

posted on January 20, 2016
West Middle School Hartford
West Middle School Hartford Joseph Bumpers, Director of the Community School and Stacy Wylie-Arthur Family & Program Coordinator met with us at the Boys and Girls Club in Hartford, CT to evaluate using the STEMPilot Curriculum and edustation in both the school and the club.
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Jan 20

STEMPilot Welcomes Learning Labs Inc

posted on January 20, 2016
STEMPilot Flight Simulators and curriculum will now be represented by Learning Labs Inc, Calhoun GA. Learning Labs will represent STEMPilot in NC, SC, GA, FL, KY, AL. Learning Labs has a broad network of seasoned professionals in the education market place and we are please to be associated with this fine group.
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Dec 28

USASAM at Fort Rucker Feedback on our Helicopter Simulators

posted on December 28, 2015
“I can tell you both one thing all the staff really like the simulators and the students that have been through them say the same thing about them. They are great training tools for our future and current pilots to go set in and receive the training.  This training can assist USASAM with decreasing the […]
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Dec 27

U.S. Army @ Ft. Rucker Installs 4 Helicopter Simulators

posted on December 27, 2015
Dual Screen 2_edited-1
Fort Rucker is the home of Army  Helicopter Training. They have just installed 4 Helicopter Simulators to be used in pilot re-qualification from medical leave. These dual screen simulators have a realistic Cyclic, Collective and Anti-Torque Pedals and forward and cockpit views. Flight software is Prepar3D by Lockheed Martin.
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